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About PepeWojak coin
Pepe and Wojak made a team to defeat all other meme tokens.

Combination of the two most popular memes = road to success in the world of meme tokens. No team tokens, liquidity locked for 1 year, 0% BUY TAX, cool meme NFTs + community-driven ⇒ perfect structure for the spaceship to the moon. HUGE MARKETING INCOMING!

How does it work?
Buy some $PEPEWO tokens
Buy on PancakeSwap
Purchase and open PepeWojak boxes and get real NFTs!
Sell NFTs for tokens to get profit. Or use them as PFP.
PepeWojak box

This is lucky box with NFTs. Use $PEPEWO to open boxes and get easy profit if you are lucky! All NFTs are real and you can see them in your wallet. Later we will apply for listing. There are 3 rarities: basic, rare, unique. Higher rarity = higher reward in the NFT bank. Basic = no reward.

2000 PEPEWO / box
≈ $10

If you get NFTs, you can store them and use as PFP. But also, you can sell them in the NFT bank! If you have rare and unique NFTs, you can sell them and get $PEPEWO tokens! Higher rarity = higher reward in the NFT bank. Basic = no reward. Exchanged NFTs are automatically.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
PepeWojak Hugs
Coming Soon
PepeWojak's Laughing
Token Supply

NO TEAM TOKENS. NO PRIVATE SALE. 10% = CEX + partnerships, locked for 1 month, will be used for the listings on CEX and other activities. Presale = 54%, Liquidity = 36%

Phase one
  • Website launch
  • Kyc + SAFU + Audit
  • Socials creation
  • Official docs
  • Twitter trending + tg calls
Phase two
  • Fair launch on pinksale
  • Huge marketing
  • CMC + CG listing
  • Buy competitions + giveaways
  • Dextools-Dexview-Ave trending
Phase three
  • Launch of NFT boxes
  • NFT bank
  • CEX application
  • Swap
  • 10 000 holders